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 Addressing Homelessness 

This is a growing issue not only in Tracy, but in our county, state and country. It has grown exponentially in the past two years and not only affects those who are unhoused, but also the residents who cannot utilize our family and community parks.

The past several years we have made strides in addressing this challenge and we have much more to do in our near future. Because of the diligent work done collectively, the much anticipated Temporary Emergency Housing Facility officially broke ground June 7th and will open Fall of this year. This project is an important step towards making additional options available when it comes to addressing the impacts of homelessness in our parks and public spaces. Most importantly, this facility will improve access to social services resources in our City to help lift those we serve out of homelessness. However, there must be a continued to restore our parks and common spaces back to the community while working diligently to to fulfill the strategic plan already in place, making amendments as needed.

Affordable Housing

I have worked hard on balancing the needs of Tracy with a real plan and effort to address Affordable Housing, thereby making independence possible and eliminating one of the strong factors that fuel the growing Homelessness issue. Albeit,Covid-19 has exacerbated affordability of homeownership and rental at many levels, I assure you that I will make every effort to get the assistance needed to bridge the gaps so that our residents to be able to afford to live and thrive in Tracy.


Not only have I lobbied the past ten years and supported local efforts for affordable housing, and attracting head of household jobs, I was successful in getting affordable housing included as a Council priority, and will continue to make strides to make it a reality in Tracy.

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