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 Additional Supporters 

Scott Arbogast

Mary Ashley

Howard and Liz Baker

Melyssa Barrett

Mary Kennedy and O’Neil Bracken

Brandon and Angele Cade

Ruth and Bob Cihla

Mary Dokes

Rowena Donaldson

Terry Donaldson and Dennis Martinez

Cynthia Evans

Florence ‘Deana’ Foster

Bondette (Ms. B) Gaitan

Manuel and Claudia Garcia – Maybe use old video

Brandon and Kimberly Garvin

Debbie George

Janneice Gilliams

Jose and Alice Gimenes

Cindy Gustafson

Linda Harding

Venesse Hayes

Wanda Haynes

Laverne and Mel Jackson

Janice Lipscomb

Marcellas and Felicia Matthews

Letty Moran

Remi Murphyng

Michael and Mishelle Neverson

Janet Osterlund

Cynthia Paris

Veronica Peterson

Sharonda Ransom

Shirley Rocha

Kenneth and Michala Saltus

Meena Saiprasad and Sai Satyam

Rajdeep Singh and Simran Kaur

Sybil Spikes

Gwen Stewart

Janet Sua

Stephanie Tran (Magical Nails)

Carla Thatcher

Aaron and Angelle Thomas

Tamara Thomas Thorpe

Henry Townsend

Jasmine Valdez

James Vaughn

Dr. Clara and Richard Voss

Nate Ward

Gwen White

Evelyn Wills

Charles and Lois Williams

Phil Williams

Benjamin J. and Dianne Young

Lydia Young

Michael Young

Nathaniel Young

Shante and Benjamin E. Young

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